In a Collector's Words


"Waylan Tucker's images are highly symbolic and resonant. These iconic images range from whimsical baseball mitts and home bases to severed craniums and open doors leading to a different world. Conveyed by dozens of reoccurring symbols, he animates a vision of life, which is deeply joyful and optimistic even as it also expresses the struggle with loneliness, loss of meaning, and self-doubt. Waylan is a deeply religious artist who allows his beliefs to infuse his images. The physical and the spiritual have no clear boundaries. It is precisely in the spiritual/physical D.M.Z where Waylan believes truth is to be found. His skills as a sculpture and poet are significant and words play a large role in his artistic process. His poetry blends the practical with the religious and sometimes with the comedic."

Jack Connelly

Jack has collected my work for over 35 years.